Brief of ISO
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International Students Office

University of Shanghai for Science & Technology

The International Students Office (ISO) is responsible for the enrollment and management of international studetns of USST.

Mr.SU Mingxu is the director who is in full charge of the office(Virginia Hall Rm. 201)

Ms.Hua and MR. Liu are in charge of the VISA, RP,Marketing and Admissions of ISO(Virginia Hall Rm. 202)

Mr. Gorlin Zhang is in charge of the management of all international students and daily work of ISO(Virginia Hall Rm. 101)

Address: Virginia Hall, No.516 Jungong Rd,Shanghai, P.R.China


Telephone+86-21-55270783(Admissions Office),+86-21-55271930


We-chat information platform: USST-ISO

Facebook: Usst Iso English)