General Survey of International Students Training in USST
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USST is among the first 100 universities qualified by the Ministry of Education that can receive international students. The international students training in USST can be traced back to the 1980’s.

With the reform of higher education and development of educational international exchange, USST international education has entered a new period. In 2006, USST began to enrol Bachelor, Master and Doctor degree pursuing students, launch Chinese language training program and receive visiting students from abroad.

Currently, USST has received more than 750 degree pursuing students, visiting students and students taking Chinese language courses. Those students are from 48 countries, namely, Russia, White Russia, Germany, England, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Iceland, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Philipplines, Singapore, Syria, Kyrghizstan, Thailand, Cambodia, Kasakhstan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand and Nicaragua.  

USST has endeavored to provide specialized educational service to international students by constructing the platform unifying Chinese language training, major field training and international training. In Sino-British College, all the teaching is practiced in English. In joint schooling programs and some master or doctoral level programs  bilingual (Chinese plus English or Chinese plus Germany) teaching is conducted as well.

The International Students Office is set up to manage overall international students affairs while schools/colleges are responsible for academic and daily administration. In principle, the international students will be in same class with Chinese students and under the same academic administration rules.

Shanghai International Education College provides high quality Chinese language courses, which are designed at nine levels to meets the needs of students from different levels. Each level has compulsory and optional courses. There are 20 hours of compulsory courses and it is up to the student’s decision to choose optional course and time.The courses include pre-university Chinese, commercial Chinese, basic Chinese and HSK test tutorial, etc.

USST administers Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Studentsto attract outstanding students pursuing Bachelor, Master and Doctor degrees in the university. Meanwhile it also administers the Shanghai Government Friendship City Scholarshipto support student exchange programs with sister cities of Shanghai.