Notice about Exotic Fair for the First Foreign Students’ International Cultural Festival USST
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Dear teachers and students,

    The Exotic Fair of the First Foreign Students’ International Cultural Festival of USST co-hosted by International Affair of USST and Youth League of USST will be held from 18th of May to 19th of May in Hu Jiang International Culture Park (516 Jun Gong Road, Yang Pu District). This activity involves five stalls exquisitely decorated by foreign students from many countries, aiming to present social development and customs of their hometowns The exhibitions take various forms such as scenery pictures, national costumes, national foods, handicrafts, videos and so on.

    We would be very pleased to invite you to the opening ceremony at 13:30, 18th of May, 2012.

    Welcome to the first foreign students’ International Cultural Festival of USST.

    Sincerely yours

                                                                                                                    International Affair of USST & Youth League of USST

                                                                                                                                                              May 7, 2012