A Visit to Luzhi Ancient Town, an Experience of Waterside Culture
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    On October 27, 2012, International Students Office of USST host a-two-day cultural experience activity for overseas freshmen in Luzhi ancient town, Jiangsu province, which is honored as the No.1 waterside town of China.

    This activity provided a good opportunity for overseas students to deeply appreciate the distinctive charm of various Chinese cultures, including those of Jiangnan Watertown, ancient farm tools and home furnishing, Chinese opera as well as ancient costumes.

    Accommodated in Luzhi Xiangcao Garden Farmland, these freshmen enjoyed an active and lively barbecue party by dancing around the campfire and laughing, which made them familiar with one another quickly.

    During the second day, they also experienced a lot of leisure activities such as riding, shooting, fishing and water roller. They all had a great time and won warm applause by showing their own skills.

    This activity was highly praised by all of the overseas freshmen because they had so rare an opportunity to travel outside and experience the exotic culture together in their limited free time. Meanwhile, it was meaningful in enhancing their understanding of China and improving their Chinese language level.