2015/2016 Undergraduate Student Enrollment Information
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University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (hereafter referred to as “USST”) locates in Shanghai, China. The university originated from University of Shanghai which was founded in 1906 and the campus is characterized by the western-style buildings. As a key university of Shanghai and with key strength in Engineering, USST also extended to other disciplines such as Natural Science, Economics, Management and Literature.


There are 18 schools and colleges, 1 teaching administration departments, 30 research offices, 12 research centers and 3 research institutions in USST, with a faculty group of over 1400, including 6 members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering (employed or co-employed), and 20 plus state-level experts, elite teachers, Changjiang Scholars, and professors recruited from the national thousand talent-importing project. Currently there are about 22,600 students on campus. Among them 5,600 are graduate students and 17,000 are undergraduate students. There are 3post-doctoral research stations, 5 first-level and 35 second-level Doctoral Degree majors conferring disciplines, 22 first-level and 90 second-level Master’s Degree majors conferring disciplines, and 17 Master’s of Engineering and MBA /MPA/Engineering Management/International Commerce/Translation and Interpretation degree majors conferring disciplines.


Over the 100 years, educational internationalization has been a continuing practice and especially in the last 20 years, the university has built cooperation relationship with over 70 universities in many countries, such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland, etc. In the successful effort to set up degree, diploma and credit mutual recognition mechanism, USST has carried out student exchange programs with more than 60 universities in 10 countries. In addition, in most recent years, more focus is put on degree programs, especially at graduate student level. So far more than 4,000 international students have come to study from over 100 countries on the continents of Asia, Africa, European, North American, South America and Oceania.


And as it has always been, USST will continue to warmly embrace students from all over the world.


Entry Requirements


The applicants must be upper secondary school graduates, normally under the age of 25, healthy, foreign citizen. An internal review process will be carried out and upon approval from which, the applicant will be given Admission Notice and assistance in obtaining Visa Application for Study in China (Form202).



Length of Schooling


4 years


Bachelor’s Degree Programs (majors)


Schools and colleges




School of Energy & Power Engineering

Thermal Energy & Power Engineering






Process Equipment And Control Engineering






Renewable Energy Science And Engineering







School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering

Measurement And Control Technology And Instrumentation












Intelligent Science And Technology






Electrical Engineering And Automation






Electronic And Information Engineering






Telecommunications Engineering






Photo-Electronic Information Engineering






Electronic Science And Technology






Computer Science And Technology






Network Engineering







Business School

Business Administration (Sino-USA)






International Economics and Trade











Information Management And Information System






Industrial Engineering






Management Science












Public Enterprise Management







College of Mechanical Engineering

Machinery Design And Manufacturing & Its Automation






Vehicle Engineering







School of Foreign Language

English(Finance And Investment)



English(International Trade)




English (Technical Translation)





School of Materials Science and Engineering

Material Science And Engineering






Material Formation And Control Engineering







School of Environment and Architecture

Environmental Engineering






Building Environment And Equipment Engineering






Civil Engineering







School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering

Biomedical Engineering



Medical Informatics and Engineering




Medical Instrumentation Engineering




Medical Imaging Science




Food Quality And Safety



Food Science and Engineering




Pharmaceutical Engineering



Rehabilitation Engineering



College of Communication and Art Design

Environment Design (Pathway: Interior Design,Public Art)


VisualCommunication (Pathway:Communication Design,Publishing Design)




Editing And Publishing



Product Design




Mass Communication


















Industrial Design






Packing Engineering






Printing Engineering







Tin Ka Ping College of Science

Applied Physics






Mathematics And Applied Mathematics






Applied Chemistry







Sino-British College

Industrial Electronics And Control Engineering (Sino-British)






Event Management (Sino-British)






Manufacturing Systems Engineering (Sino-British)






Business Management (Sino-British)

Shanghai-Hamburg College

Electrical Engineering and Automation




For Commoners (in CNYfor reference)

Application fee: 800 (degree-granting programs); 400non degree-granting programs

Tuition fee (per year):











Visiting students





Chinese Language






Teaching materials: approx. 800 /Year

Accommodation: 13,000/year/bed (twin-bed room, desk, wardrobe, air-conditioner, Internet interface);  16,500/year/bed (twin-bed room, desk, wardrobe, independent sanitary, air-conditioner, Internet interface); 29,200/year/bed (one-bed room, desk, wardrobe, air-conditioner, Internet interface)





International Students Office

Address: Rm.202, International Affairs Office, No. 516, Jungong Rd., Shanghai, 200093China

Telephone: 0086-21-55270783, 55271930

Fax: 0086-21-55270783

Email: fso@usst.edu.cn  or  usstiso@gmail.com

Web of USST: www.usst.edu.cn

Web of International Students Office: http://isoe.usst.edu.cn