Notice about Handling the Check out Procedure and Paying the Lodging Fee for Next Semester Before January 15th
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Notice about Handling the Check out Procedure and Paying the Lodging Fee for Next Semester Before January 15th

Non full scholarship students:

The winter holidays are coming, if you do not stay in school during the holidays, please handle the check out procedure before January 15th at the duty room of your department and pay the lodging fee counting from your lodging day to June 23th2013 on your arriving day next semester.

If you stay in school during the holidays, please pay for the lodging fee of next semester counting from January 1st to June 23th 2013 before January 15th at the duty room of your department.


1.All non full scholarship students need to register your intention of living in school or not and fill in the form of the whereabouts during the holidays before January 15th at the International Students Office;

2.If you do not pay the lodging fee on time, we will deal with it according to the check out procedure;

3.Students staying in school must obey strictly the department timetable and the receiving visitors’ rules, and pay attention to your personal and property safety. Our school will organize some New Year activities during the holidays, pay attention to the fly message.


International Students Office

Dec.27th, 2012