International Students in University Sports Meet Demonstrated Achievements in Education Internationalization
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In the morning of May 10, organized by the International Students Office, over 40 representatives of international students from 5 continents attended the opening ceremony of 2013 Physical Culture Festival of USST.

In the eve of the opening ceremony, the students actively participated in the rehearsal training. Although it began to rain heavily now and then, their enthusiasm in training could not be dosed. They practiced "Chinese-style mark time" with great interest in neat formation, holding various national flags, shouting loud their team slogan, constituting beautiful scenery in the campus. During the rehearsal, many Chinese students were attracted by the sound of the team slogan with various foreign accents. They came to watch and cheer for the team.

In the grand entry of the opening ceremony, the phalanx team composed by international students from five continents came in the last. Dressed in black sports wears, waving colorful national flags and shouting the slogan "We are USST students, study hard, glory for the school!”, the international students successfully completed the grand entry ceremony. Although in different colors, waving various banners, they demonstrated their same identities as “USST Students” by the same rhythm in their gaits and unified slogan. With their strong mental outlook, the team of the international students showed a moving picture of harmonious unity in which Chinese and foreign culture add radiance and beauty to each other. 

In recent years, with the deepening of internationalization of education in our university, recruitment and education of the international students are improving gradually. Today, the international students in our university have joined and integrated into this great family with their full hearts.