USST International-student Football Team Ranked Third in The SMU Cup Football Tournament
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On May 17, 2014, the second session of the Shanghai international students SMU Cup football tournament was held in Shanghai Maritime University as scheduled. Football teams from Shanghai University, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai Electric Institute and other teams took part in the football match in Shanghai Marinetime University in Lingang Campus.


18 players of six different countries from our university participated in the tournament. Captain Jmil Waeel was from Morocco and the other players were from Middle Africa, Mongolia and so forth.


Our football team had a very intense and competitive game with Shanghai Electric Institute football team. Before the game, the two sides have had warming-up, which attracted a lot of audience who is really looking forward to this game. With the referee’s whistle, the game was begun in intense. Every football athletes are high-spirited, passionated, and enthusiastic which interpreted the modern football tournament fully. We cannot help to applaud for their superb footwork, wonderful teamwork, clever pass, and powerful shot during the match.


Finally, our football team won a 3-0 victory over Shanghai Electric Institute football team. This game is not only a football feast presented to us, but also an interpretation of the importance of unity and the spirit of cooperation. Meanwhile, it has also promoted friendship between teachers and students, and improved the skills of our football players.