The Second Anniversary of the 2014 Student Union for Taiwang, Hongkong and Macao of Usst
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     On May.23th, the Second Anniversary of the 2014 Student Union for Taiwang, Hongkong and Macao of Usst was held in the American Culture Center. The students from Taiwang, Hongkong and Macao got together and began the union in a cheerful atmosphere.The International Students’ Office of Usst also prepared a special baseball uniform printed with the school logo for each student , so that every student can have an uniform in the following trips or activities.The entire activity was fun, and the students who from different majors and grades talked with each other happily and got the chance to know each other. Besides the backbone of the union  prepared a lot of interesting games for the students who took part in the games positively and participate in the new and fun activities.

      The union party  lasted for more than two hours and ended with students' unwilling to part. The students from Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao have a closer relationship by this activity, and it is believed that the student activity of Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao will be better after this union.