Prodedures and Notes for Off-Campus Accommodation Registration 
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Website link for Off-Campus Accommodation Registration Form for International Students:



1. International students sign a contract with the landlord.

2. International students register in International Students Office. After filling in this form,the students should give the form to International Students Office to be stamped. And an introduction letter for international students will be given. International students should  keep the second  page of this form.

3.Register in local police station. Details are on the following Notes.

4.Register in Exit-Entry Bureau of Shanghai Police Station. International students should take Temporaty Accommodation Registration Form (the yellow page) from local police station, the introduction letter from the university, the second page of this form to Exit-Entry Bureau to go through the procedures to live off-campus.

5.If you want to change your off-campus address, the procedures are the same.

For Item 4, if you hold an F visa for study, you don't need to do it.



Important Notes:

1.According to Item 30 in P.R.O China Exit-Entry Regulations for Foreigners, foreigners must register in local police station within 24 hours after living in local resident's home. Anybody who does not register within three days will be fined.

2.When international students sign a contract with the landlord, it is a must that the landlord should provide a security license for the apartment. Renting behavior without a security license will be fined.

3.You should go to local police station to register with:

For tenants:

1.)Passport and copy of passport (the page with picture & visa)

2.)One passport-sized photo


4.)Security License (provided by the landlord)

5.)The second page of this form


If your address is in other district, you can go to local police station to go through the procedures.

Exit-Entry Bureau of Shanghai Police Station: No.1500 Mingsheng Road. Tel:0086-021-68541199.