Campus life information
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Pudong Airport (PVG) to USST

Take airport No.4 bus at the airport to its stop at WuJiaoChang, exchange bus No.59 at HanDan Rd WuJiaoChang Rd and take off at JunGong Rd KongJiang Rd;

Or, take airport No.4 bus at the airport to its stop at DePing Rd, exchange bus DaQiao No. 4 at its DePing Rd stop and take off at AnTu Rd stop

Hongqiao Airport to USST

Take bus No.911 to its XiZangNan Rd stop and exchange bus No.135 at its XiZangNan Rd HuaiHaiDong Rd and take off at JunGong Rd KongJiang Rd

Shanghai Railway Station to USST

Take subway No.3 at Shanghai railway station to its stop at DaBaiShu, exchange bus No.59 at WenShuiDong Rd GuangJi Rd, take off at JunGong Rd KongJiang Rd stop

Surrounding bus lines

No.874No.59No.124No.135No.33No.6No.22, etc.

Query on intercity transportation


or Tel: 16088160

Taxi reservation

DaZhong Taxi reservation call96822

JinJiang Taxi reservation call: 96961

Query on flights of Pudong airport


Query on flights of Hongqiao airport


Website for verification of electronic airline ticket

Query on railway transportation


Freephone to buy railway ticket


Nearly railway ticket selling agency

No.362 NeiJiang Rd (near ZhouJiaZui Rd)


Booking for travel (plane and hotel) or

USST to Exit-Entry Bureau of Shanghai Police Station

Address: No. 1500, MinSheng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai

Office hour: Monday- Saturday 9:00-11:30, 13:30-16:30

Consulting call: 86-21-28951900

Taking No.59 bus at the opposite side of USST and geting off at the terminal, or take subway No.9 and get off at the South Yanggao Road station, then walking 5-10 minutes along the Minsheng Road and you will find the place

USST to Shanghai Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau International Travel Health Center

Address: No.15, Jinbang Rd, Changning District, Shanghai

Office hour: Mondy through Friday, 8:00-11:30 & 13:00-15:00 Reservation and consulting call: 86-21-62688851

Take bus No.135 at Jungong Rd near Kongjiang Rd to its XiaoBeiMen stop and exchange bus No.911 at its HuaiHaiDong Rd stop and take off at Shanghai Zoo stop

Medical Service


Clinique of USST


Xinhua Hospital

Tel: 65790000take bus No.6 at TuMen Rd and take off at the Xinhua Hospital stop



Agricultural Bank of China

No.1 Changbai Rd (near Tumen Rd)  Tel55825012

Construction Bank of China

No.15 Tumen Rd  Tel65383043

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

At the cross of Jungong Rd and ZhouJiaZui Rd

Office day: Tuesday and Friday


The Lotus Supermarket is at the crossroads of ZhouJiaZui Rd and Jungong Rd (5 minutes walk distance from the school gate)

Take bus No.59 to WuJiaoChang where a commercial central is located

Weather forcast

Exchange rate

China Mobile business hallbuy cellphone and online service

No.27 Changbai Rd near Tumen Rd

Office hour: 8:30-18:30