Guidelines on the Wireless Network Usage in USST
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Entry Interface 

IGeneral Instruction

   The wireless network in USST covers a wide range of areas including all office buildings, teaching buildings and libraries in the north campus and south campus in Jungong Road and campus in Nanhui district and Fuxing Road. Users in the above-mentioned areas share Internet and the campus network resource. USST is the SSID signal name of the wireless network in this university, and users can automatically acquire IP address via DHCP. The mobile terminals supported by campus wireless network are various, including desktop computers and notebook computers with a WLAN card (wireless local area network card), smart phones with access to WiFi and other smart terminal equipment like iPad.


IIIdentification Mode of the Campus Wireless Network

The campus wireless network, using web authentification, integrates the wireless network with the logging platform of information Users can log in with their ID number and password of their information portal. Without log-in and authentication, only inter-campus network resources can be reached, and external Internet resources is not accessible.

User name is usually the individual student number (or academic number). The initial password is six figures from the 12fh to 17th of the student’s ID card No. (e.g., if ID card number is 321028751212302561, then the password would be 230256). Password can be changed in the information portal. Please fill in information as complete as possible when logging in the information portal system for the first time so that retake of password in later times, as well as other related operations, would be more convenient.  

If any difficulty encountered during the process of accessing the system, please contact 55271461 for consultation.


III. Log-in Guidelines of the Campus Wireless Network

   First, connect to the wireless network of USST, open Internet Explorer and try accessing to any website; after pressing the ENTER key, the authentification window will pop up. Second, input user name and password and click the button of logging in (the little rectangle in green). The screen will switch to website immediately after the authentification is successfully accomplished. Otherwise, only inter-campus network resources can be accessed.

   To assure account security, please press logoff button (the characters in bright blue) to quit the system and leave the wireless network (as shown in the picture below). 
entry interface 


IV. Q-A of Wireless Internet Access

1. Why the wireless network cannot be found?

  Please make sure the WLAN card has been installed correctly and it is within the coverage area of the campus wireless network without the presence of powerful source of interference, e.g., microwave oven in use or wireless router set up at one’s discretion.

2. Why the message pops up asking me to input password?

  The wireless network of USST adopts no-password-connection and authentification-based access. If you are prompted to enter password, it is because you attempt to connect with a encryption network, correction method is simply to choose the campus wireless network namedUSST”.

3. Can I access to the free network resource of USST after connecting to the wireless network?

  Yes. Just like the wired network, you can access to the free resources after authentification process.

4. Why I cannot surf the Internet after connecting to the wireless network?

  Please authentificate with your faculty number (or student number) and the password of the information portal after connecting to the wireless network. Then you can surf on the Internet.

5. Why the numbers of the signal bars vary from 3 to 5?

  Similar to the way mobile phones work, wireless network is also interfered by external electromagnetic. Signal intensity is automatically adjusted according to number of users.

6. Is there any application procedure to go through before getting access to the wireless network?




V. Commonly-used Campus Network Resource

Homepage of our university: 

Information Portal:

Mail Service:   

Copyrighted Microsoft software:

Campus Geographics:


Video Rebroadcasting: USST homepage – campus life – TV online
FTP: FTP section of the Hujiang BBS of USST