A Special Education Lecture of Exit-Entry Administration Bureau was Held in USST
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On the afternoon of March 3th, 2014, Officer Wang who is in charge of university affairs and from Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau came to the 201 auditorium of Gezhi hall in the campus of USST and hold a special lecture about the newest visa policies and security protection. In recent years, the growth of international students in China is in a linear trend, so the education of security in China and visa services for international students are in urgent. During the two hours lecture, Officer Wang introduced the newest visa policies of our country and guided the students on how to raise their security awareness. At the end of the lecture, international students had a heated discussion with Officer Wang about the topics they concerned, and got satisfactory answers. After the meeting, Jing Xiaodong, the deputydirector of International Student Office and staff exchanged their opinions with officer Wang, and said that they will cooperate with relevant departments on the management of international students.