Rep from HK, TW and Macau of USST participate in the Tenth "Love for My China" Students Summer Camp in Shanghai
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May 22, led by Mr.ZHANG Yongsheng, the teacher of International Students Office(ISO), the representatives of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan students of our school participated in the three-day Tenth "Love for my China" Summer Camp in Shanghai, organized and sponsored by Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association and the Shanghai Universities Overseas Friendship Association jointly.


Taiwanese student YOU Wenling from USST was involved in the flag-endowment ceremony, and Mr.ZHANG Yongsheng hosted the Tenth "Love for my China"Anniversary theme party at the second day of the Summer Camp. In "My suggestion for Shanghai" campaign, YOU Wenling got the Excellent Suggestion Award personally, and as a whole, USST team won the Outstanding Organization Award.


Several characteristics feature in our summer camp as following:

First, this summer camp had a clear theme. We visited Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China,Ltd, Shanghai Automotive Group (Roewe and MG), the same route and the same day as our President Xi did.


Second, this summer camp had rich contents; we enjoyed history and future simultaneously when visiting the Yuan-dynasty Water Gate Site Museum.


Third, our summer camp was meaningful. It witnessed its tenth anniversary in Shanghai and held the celebrating party as well as “My Chinese dream "talk show.Also, camp members had contributed a lot of advice and suggestions to the development of Shanghai, which integrated the four places together.