The Floral Arrangement Practice Was Held Successfully by International Students Office(ISO)
发布时间: 2014-06-11   浏览次数: 350

On June 5th, the floral arrangement practice , organised by International Students Office of USST, was successfully held in German Culture Center(GCC). Students in undergraduate, postgraduate and the doctoral program from China Mainland, China Hongkong, China Taiwan, Sweden, India, Nepal and so forth in USST took part in this practice. Ms. Hua Kefang and Mr.Liu Puren, who are the teachers from ISO, attended the floral arrangement practice. As a member of Shanghai Flower Association of Flower Arrangement, Mr. Liu Chenglin, who comes from Shanghai Weini Greening Co.Ltd , was invited to come to GCC and give a lecture.


This practice aimed to help the students to gain more understanding about the classical eastern and western culture, enhance the creativity ability, which not only helped the students to cultivate their practical ability and develop their eseprit de corps but also prospered the campus life of USST and improved the comprehensive ability of both Chinese and international students.


During the process of floral arrangement practice, the terminology and basic theory were explained bilingually, which offered the students an opportunity to know about the floral art language. The students not only enjoyed the beautiful flowers like the gladiolus, carnation, rose, Transvaal daisy, baby’s-breath, Eight-square leaf, Scattered leaf and China aster but also improved their teamwork and aesthetic ability, which greatly enriched the university lives of USST international students.