Supervisor Acceptance Letter


Dear applicant,

To apply for postgraduate programs at USST, please get the Supervisor Acceptance Letter with the following steps:

Step1. Get Supervisors’ information (like research field, contacts, etc) at the website:

Step2. Fill out Applicant Information.

Step3. Send it to your Supervisor with other supplementary documents by e-mail.

Step4. Upload the Supervisor Acceptance Letter with signature to the Online application system and send the carbon copy together with other materials to International Students Office.

Dear Supervisor,

This student is planning to apply for the postgraduate program at USST. If you would like to accept him/her as your student, please fill out the information as follows. Your acceptance is so important for his/her application. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by our landline 021-55270087.

Please download Supervisor Acceptance Letter as followed:

导师接收函 Supervisor Acceptance Letter(USST)2019.pdf


Website links for Professor lists(链接).pptx