Welcome to Freshmen from All Over the World


International freshmen orientation is drawing to a close. According to recent statistics, the number of international freshmen enrolled in the fall semester of 2020 is 57. The total number of locally registered students is 29, including 10 undergraduates, 13 postgraduate students, 3 doctoral students and 3 senior visiting students. The proportion of freshmen pursuing master and doctoral degrees is 65.6%. The number of overseas online registration is 28, including 20 undergraduates, 5 master students and 3 doctoral students.

2020 is a special year. Due to the epidemic, some international students registered normally, while others staying outside China completed online registration and orientation. USST as usual, welcome students from all over the world, and made proper arrangementsfor overseas students to register https://iso.usst.edu.cn/2020/0906/c9513a228989/page.htm

Officers from the Visa Office of The Municipal Exit and Entry Administration and the Officers from the Shanghai Cultural Security Branch gave lectures on Regulations on the Administration of Exit and Entry Certificates and Leture on Safety for International Students respectively to the freshmen.