Kazakhstan Student of USST in Charge of Kazakhstan's National Booth of CIIE Bridging Cooperation of the Two Countries


    The CIIE is a golden gate for countries around the world to access China's vast market. As an important country along the Belt and Road, Kazakhstan has participated in four consecutive CIIE. A total of 26 Kazakh enterprises participated in the 4th CIIE.Entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of Kazakhstan, ALIBEK SMAILOV, an international student from the School of Management of USST, as the head of Kazakhstan's national booth, introduced Kazakhstan's high-quality products to Chinese consumers with standard Mandarin and warm and bright smile. Among them are some products from key production capacity cooperation projects under the Belt and Road Initiative jointly developed by China and Kazakhstan.

    Through the CIIE,The cooperation between countries in business and media is deepening. Countries are seeking opportunities to realize synergies by combining their competitive advantages. They are actively exploring the construction of a new framework for international economic cooperation and the creation of a common chain of high value-added goods.With rich knowledge of Chinese society through the years studying and living in China, ALIBEK SMAILOV participated in CIIE with great enthusiasm and made his own contribution to the expansion of business cooperation and the strengthening of partnership between China and Kazakhstan. He said, The economic and trade exchanges between Kazakhstan and China have a history of one thousand years. We have always been bound together by the great Silk Road. Today, we are gathered together under the influence of the Belt and Road Initiative. We are happy to provide Chinese consumers with the best, highest quality and most environmentally friendly products from the prairie country! In the future, the organization in Shanghai will be committed to protecting the interests of customers, promoting beneficial contacts and creating a platform for Kazakh-Chinese enterprises to build relationships; Will play a vital role in helping Kazakhstan-china companies expand their business around the world, providing general business advice and keeping participants informed of the latest business trends as well as business and social opportunities .

Consul General of Kazakhstan in Shanghai and senior managers of Pricewaterhousecoopers at the CIIE

Introduce products to the president of National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Friendly communication with the management staff of Chinese large trading companies

CCTV News channel, CGTN Russian Channel, Kazakhstan New Watch and other news media reported the participation of Kazakh enterprises and the special stories of ALIBEK SMAILOV and CIIE.

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The Republic of Kazakhstan became independent in 1991 and joined the Commonwealth of Independent States. Kazakhstan is a country with the world's ninth largest land area and is in the lead of the five central Asian countries. Kazakhstan is an important neighbor of China and a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.