Notice on Submitting Application for Air Ticket Booking for Chinese Government Scholarship Graduates in 2022


To related Chinese Government Scholarship students:


China Scholarship Council (CSC) will make relevant arrangements for the smooth return of graduates whose air tickets are covered by Chinese government scholarship.


The notice is as follows:

I, students involved

This notice involves students who are eligible to graduate in 2022 and previous deferred graduates with agreement that the Chinese government will pay for their air tickets back to China.


II, the operation process

1. Students fill in the attached Air Ticket Booking Application Form and send it to by July 10th.

2. After receiving the ticket booking information from CSC, confirm and implement the following precautions. If you have any questions, please contact the International Student Office. Contact person: Ms. Hua, tel: 13310060692.


III, notes

1. The itinerary should be air ticket from the university city or city near the port of departure to the capital of the student’s home country.

2. Currently, international flights have not returned to normal, therefore students' requirements on departure time and other travel arrangements cannot be fully met. The specific flight information is subject to the actual available tickets.

3. Students should apply for the extension of residence permit in China in time.

4. Before departure, students shall fully understand the epidemic prevention and control requirements of domestic cities in China, countries and international cities passing through and relevant airlines, complete relevant tests in advance and bring along relevant certification materials to ensure that they meet the requirements of relevant authorities for air passengers.

5. Currently, there are fewer international flights. In order to ensure the effective connection between domestic and international flights, students will be arranged to arrive at the departure port city of the international flight one day in advance in principle.

6. Students shall bear the costs of returning or changing air tickets due to their personal reasons.

Air Ticket Booking Application Form.xls