Notice on Visa Extension Arrangement in Summer Holiday, 2022


Please attend to the expiry date of passport & visa to avoid illegal stay in China which is subject to severe outcome. Please extend passport 2-6 months before it expires. 

For visa (residence permit) that is going to expire before July 31st., 2022, Pls. ask for  Letter for Visa Application from Ms. Hua in Rm.202, Building of Int'l Affairs Office by  July. 8th, 2022.

For visa (residence permit) that is going to expire before August 22nd., 2022,  pls. ask for  Letter for Visa Application from Ms. Hua in Rm.202, Building of Int'l Affairs Office between  August 1st., 2022 to August 3rd., 2022.
From August 22nd,  Letter for Visa Application can be applied on working days as usual.

Reservation is required by Exit-entry Bureau in August by calling 12367. Please do avoid illegal stay in China due to unsuccessful reservation.

Contact: Ms. Hua (please add Wechat friend in Wechat group)