“Approaching the Lin-gang, Connecting the World”


To further enhance the science and technology innovation brand of Shanghai Lin-gang New Area and to create an image of "A young city, the city of young people" and "the city of entrepreneurs, the hometown of employees", attracting and assembling international innovative youth and top talents, the Party and Mass Work Department of Lin-gang New Area Management Committee hosted the special event of "Approaching the Lin-gang, Connecting the World" - 2023 University Visit to Lin-gang on November 17. The event, organized by the Lin-gang New Area Multilingual Service Center, invited over 200 international students from 18 local universities to participate.The International Affairs Office (International Students Office) has been extended an invitation to offer guidance to students from Mongolia, Germany, and other nations regarding their participation.

The Shanghai Municipal Exit-Entry Administration and the Overseas Talent Service Department of the new area held separate bilingual sessions to brief on Convenient Immigration Policies for International Students and Employment and Entrepreneurship Policies for Overseas Talents in the New Area, and distributed policy Q&A and briefing manuals in multiple languages.

On the day, USST international students visited the Planning Exhibition Hall of Drip Cloud City to understand and experience the future planning direction of the intelligent and modern life city in Lin-gang new area, as well as the layout and intelligent ecology of the new city landmarks. Afterwards,students went to Drip Water Lake AI Innovation Port, Duoyun Academy, Shanghai Siasun Robot Exhibition Hall and other places for on-site study.

Through this unique event, USST international students  have had the opportunity to directly immerse themselves in this cosmopolitan new city with a strong emphasis on AI innovation, bringing them significant benefits. Simultaneously, the event has reinforced the promotion of the school's "Study at USST" initiative, offering fresh perspectives on our overall International recruitment.