Pre-admission Letter for CSC-A


1. Target students:

Candidates who want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship through Dispatching Authorities(CSC-A) are welcome to contact us for the USST Pre-admission Letter to complete their application procedures. 

2. How to get USST Pre-admission Letter?

If you need pre-admission Letter, please contact us directly at

Make sure to send the email to us with the application package as instructed.

3. What documents are required for Pre-admission of CSC-A?

*Photocopy of valid passport Particulars Page.

*Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship Program through CSC;

*A notarized copy of the highest academic certificate, diploma or degree certificate. (if not in Chinese or English, a notarized translation in Chinese or English is required);

*Notarized and complete high school or undergraduate or master's grade transcripts (if not in Chinese or English, a notarized translation in Chinese or English is required );

*Two letters of recommendation from professors of relevant majors (in Chinese or English, with the signature of the professor and related contacts information);

*Study plan in China. (Graduate or doctorate students ONLY. Write in Chinese or English);

*Language proficiency Certificates(HSK certificate is required for who is applying for Chinese language medium; for English teaching medium, you need to provide TOFEL or IELTS);

*Physical Examination Record for Foreigner.

4.Do I need to get the Pre-admission Letter when I apply for master or doctoral degree through the independent enrollment Program(CSC-B) of USST?

Pre-admission letter is only needed when you apply through other channels such as Chinese Embassy, dispatching agents etc. (CSC-A) during your initial application period.

For CSC-B, please submit your application via FIRST, if qualified, we will keep you informed the updated pre-admission notice then.


A. Questions about how to apply Chinese Government Scholarship(CSC-A),please contact the dispatching authorities directly.

B. Pre-admission Letter for CSC-A applicants will ensure that you will be assigned by CSC to USST rather than other institutions.