Engineering Discipline Achieved A Milestone by entering the top 1‰ globally


Our university's engineering discipline recently reached a major milestone by entering the top 1‰ globally in the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) for the first time. This achievement, as outlined in the latest ESI report by Clarivate Analytics in May 2024, represents a significant feat. Furthermore, the general social sciences discipline has also secured a position in the top 1% in ESI, making it the 9th subject at our university to achieve this recognition. These global rankings within the top 1% highlight the academic excellence and impact of our institution, showcasing the quality of research publications and academic competitiveness on an international level.

Our university is ranked in the top 1% globally across various disciplines: Engineering is at 234th out of 2429 selected institutions (top 0.96‰); Materials Science ranks 344th out of 1391 (top 2.47‰); Chemistry is at 606th out of 1905 (top 3.18‰); Computer Science ranks 377th out of 772; Environmental/Ecology sits at 1100th out of 1872; Agricultural Science at 780th out of 1226; Physics at 807th out of 905; Mathematics at 348th out of 368; and Social Sciences at 2179th out of 2187 selected institutions.