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2022/2023 Academic Year Application Duration

1)SGS:13. Jan. 2022 to 5th.July. 2022(   );

2)CSC(University Self Enrollment, Type-B):13. Jan. to 10th.April. 2022( );

3) Shanghai Government Scholarship(SGS, 1+4 Cultivation Mode , 1-year Pre-school plus 4-year Undergraduate Program): 13. Jan. to 30th. April 2022;

4)Self-supporting Program:

13. Jan. 2022 to 5th.July. 2022;

2022/2023 Academic Year Shanghai Government Scholarship(SGS, full-ride and partial)

Application online: 


Please finish the online registration as instructed, pay the registration fee online and send the hard copies(NOT RETURNED) accordingly to us for the follow-up USST Scholarship Expert Team Censorship.

2022/2023 Academic Year Chinese Government Scholarship(CSC-B)

Please submit your application before 10th April 2022.

Application online:




USST Agency number:10252;

1.Bilateral Program:

2.University Self Enrollment Program:


Guideline for CSC Applicants: How to get the Pre-admission letter? (CSC-A)

Please note that :

1.CSC only accepts application documents that are recommended by the dispatching authorities. Please DO NOT send your individual application documents to CSC by email or by post.

2 If you want to know the AGENCY NUMBER, DEADLINE or the RESULT for your application, you should confirm with the dispatching authorities.

3. Normally the dispatching authority is the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country. Please contact the education department of the dispatching authority before you send your document.

2022/2023 Academic Year Shanghai Government Scholarship(SGS, 1+4 Cultivation Mode , 1-year Pre-school plus 4-year Undergraduate Program)

Please contact directly.

2022/2023 Academic Year Self-supporting Program

1.Application Form:

Application Form (Self-supporting Students).doc


3.Registration Fee:

4.Hard Copies Sending Address:

5.Letter of Financial Support: Letter of Financial Support.pdf


Documentation List for self-supporting Program.pdf