FEE:800CNY per year;


24 HOURS HOTLINE: 400-810-5119 TRANSIT 1;

WEBSITE:https://www.lxbx.net/home for more information;

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S: What should I do when seeing the doctor?
A: Remember your insurance service phone number: in case of a sickness, you can call 400-810-5119 ext. 1, then you may get consulting at any time, and get right treatment and claims guide too.


S: when I must pay in advance for hospital expenses, what should I do?
A: Before seeing a doctor, dial 4008105119 and then transfer 1, provide the passport number and service card number when buying the insurance. If confirmed for in-patient by the company, the insured will be helped to the nearest hospital (or the Internet hospital required by the insured) , treat in hospital and pay the relevant in-patient expenses in advance.


S: What kind of diseases does the service cover?
A: It covers the costs associated with general outpatient, emergency, outpatient operation, emergency observation, and emergency treatment arising; the expenses resulting from quarantine because of infectious diseases provided by public hospitals or health and epidemic prevention departments and the expenses before and after in hospital.


S: If I get sick and go to see the doctor for the out-patient treatment, will the insurance company pay for it? (not accidental insurance)
A: It is necessary to dial 4008105119 and then transfer 1 for the report and inquiring diagnosis. If really in need of treatment, the students can pay in advance, and then deliver the materials to the following address for claim. A compensation can only be available upon such case as constituting the insurance liability, or no compensation shall be applied. 

 Pay attention while in treatment period:
1) the hospital must be the mainland public hospital.
2) the medical standard costs within the scope of the project, not including the excursion costs.
3) in each period of insurance, the daily limit to the medical expenses is 600 yuan. If the accumulated amount comes at more than 2000 yuan, the insurer will pay 85% of the total.
4) the materials must be complete: the original invoice, a copy of each outpatient medical record, expense details, the copy of passport, copy of bank account, the claim for the power of attorney (download the sample in the Internet).


S: What does “the pay line” mean?
A: It is also known as deductible amount, the starting point for the insurance company to pay the outpatient medical liability claim. The expenses below the pay line shall be paid by the insured.


S: If I stay in the public hospital, and I want to live in a chartered ward, foreign ward, senior cadre ward, and special ward, can I still get claim?
A: No, you can’t.


S: If I am in-patient for many times in the duration of insurance, shall the company compensate?
A: The insurance company will pay the claims in the given limit whether the insured be in hospital for one time or several times. When the accumulative payments are beyond the insurance amount (400,000 yuan), then the insurance liability ends.


S: How to receive indemnity?
A: Submit the account of payee in the data submission.
1) Account must be the mainland's account in China.
2) If using a bank card, print statement or statements in the bank counter, to obtain the correct name and account opening branch information, so as to ensure the accuracy of transfer.


Insurance Policy Guideline
 Insurance Policy Guideline Begin from the comfortable feeling  --> dial 4008105119 and transfer 1  -->  diagnosis and treatment recommendations by the doctor
Outpatient treatment: prepayment by the students, courier case information to the rescue company for repayment
In-patient: really in need of hospitalization (submit a power of attorney and a copy of the passport, enabling the company payment in advance)


The cases of outpatient expenses calculation
Take the pay line 650 yuan as an example: A got treatment in a local public hospital in the insurance period. On February 1, 2014, he spent 900 yuan; on May 3, 400 yuan; on July 15, 700 yuan (medical expenses are reasonable expenses).

The calculation formula of claims: {(600 yuan +400 yuan +600 yuan -650 yuan}*85%=807.50 yuan)