Q&A - Chinese Government Scholarship Application

1. I want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship. What are the procedures? Where should I send the application materials?
Applicants shall apply to the dispatching authorities, such as the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country. Eligible applicants shall log on the online application system, fill out and print the application form. Application materials should be mailed in duplicate (two copies) to the dispatching authority.

2. Where do I find the online application system? What is the “Agency No.”?
The website for the online application system is 
http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua/ http://www.campuschina.org/. Please consult the dispatching authority, such as the Chinese Embassy in the applicant’s country. The agency number of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (hereafter referred to as USST) is 10252.

3. What is “dispatching authority”?
Dispatching authority is responsible for the enrollment and admission of the scholarship students. A dispatching authority could be one of the following organizations or institutions: the education department, the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country, a foreign Embassy in China, a Chinese higher education institution, or a research institute. For details, please contact your project officer.

4. Can I apply directly to China Scholarship Council (CSC)?
No. CSC doesn’t accept individual applications from applicants. Please do NOT mail the application materials to CSC. Please apply to the dispatching authority, such as the 
Chinese Embassy or Consulate, or Chinese higher education institutions entitled to admit students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program (for University Postgraduate Program)

USST is one of the higher education institutions entitled to admit students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program. Usually USST will be informed of the quota allocation of independent enrollment project by the end of every year but the quota is very limited and competition is fierce, and the project is only open to students staying out of China at least one year before the beginning of the applied study period. Under such circumstances, we would highly recommend that students try to apply to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the first place.

5. Can I send the application materials via email to CSC?
No. Application materials via email are not valid for scholarship application. Please log on the online application system, fill out and print the application form. Application materials should be mailed in duplicate (two copies) to the dispatching authority.

6. When is the deadline for application?
Please consult the dispatching authority for the detailed deadline. Normally, students are expected to submit their applications between January to early April.

7. I’m under 18 years old. Am I eligible to apply?
Yes. An applicant under 18 years old needs a guardian during his/her stay in China until he/she turns 18. A guardian is normally a Chinese citizen who resides and works where the student studies.

8. Can I apply without obtaining an admission notice?

9. Can I apply without any prior knowledge of Chinese language?
Yes. Students who do not meet the language proficiency requirement for the major study shall take 1 year Chinese language classes before they start the major program. Some higher education institutions offer courses instructed in English for graduate students and general scholars. Those who take English taught programs should not take Chinese language classes.
Undergraduate students are required to take classes in Chinese. Students with no prior knowledge of Chinese language shall take 1 year foundation courses at the assigned universities.

10. Where should I take the physical examination? I am in China. Do I need to take physical examination?
Physical examination should be conducted in authorized hospitals. Please consult the dispatching authority for the details. Applicants who are currently residing in China do not need to take physical examination.

11. I want to apply for University Postgraduate Program Scholarship. Can I apply to more than one university?
Yes, however an applicant can only be awarded with scholarship to study at one university. If an applicant is admitted by more than one university, CSC reserves the right to decide which university the applicant should attend.

12.How many students are eligible for scholarship in USST?

The number varies every year, there are 3-5 independent enrollment for each year, but besides the independent enrollment, you can also apply to our school through Chinese embassy or CSC, the number is not limited.

13. What shall I do if I can’t open the online application website?

It might be caused by the browser. IE browser is strongly recommended for online application.

14.Can I apply for undergraduate scholarship directly through USST?

Sorry, you cannot. For independent enrollment project, our school only accept the application of Master and Doctor Degree programs. If you want to apply for undergraduate progams, you should contact Chinese Embassies and Consulates Overseas and other authorized dispatch agents to apply. 

15.Can I apply for a one-year Chinese Language Learning Program if my Chinese language proficiency level fails to meet the admission criteria?

Sure, you can. However, you should meet the following requirements for master majors HSK 3 180 or above, for doctoral majors HSK 4 180 or above. When you finish the one-year language program and pass the examination, then you will be able to continue your professional learning. 

16.Do I need to get any pre-admission notice when I apply for master or doctoral degree through the independent enrollment project of USST?

No, you don't have to. Pre-admission notice is only needed when you apply through other options such as Chinese Embassy, dispatch agents etc.

17. If I recently graduated from a university in China but still in China, is it true I can't apply for scholarship now?

You can only apply for scholarship after one year of graduating from a China university.

18.When I have finished online application, should I mail all the Hard Copies to you?

Yes, you need to mail us all the hard copies as well, and our address is Jungong road 516, Shanghai, China. (Room 101,International Students Office, USST).

19.How can I check if the paper documents have arrived at USST?

You shall contact the express company to confirm.

20. Should I pay for the Registration fee for Self Enrollment Application?

It is NOT necessary to pay 800 RMB registration fee.