Step 1: International applicants shall log in USST Int'l Students Service System ( or CSC official Website( submit personal information as instructed within the designated period/Int'l Admission Season;

Step 2: Sending the scanned version of required PDF file in high definition to;

Step 3: Applicants shall register with PROPER email address (not QQ and Gmail) on the website above, or log in USST Int'l Students Service System to check the status of application on a regular basis.

The University Admission Censorship Officer will log in the System and review your application, and proceed your application within 3 working days.

Then, make sure to pay the registration fee 800 CNY(NOT Refundable!) afterward, which is available online via Wechat APP ( ). After ONLINE payment, please keep the screenshot of payment.

Step 4: International Affairs Office (International Students Office) will submit the hard copies of application respectively to relevant Teaching Affairs Office of colleges or schools, for censorship signature  or official stamp by the dean, as the initial consent of admission of new students;

If qualified, the colleges or schools shall confirm, match and dispatch the students according to the submission of Supervisor Acceptance Letter;

Step 5: International Affairs Office (International Students Office) will organize a panel meeting of Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students Awarding; 

The awarding group will supervise the international admission scholarship application, and the team members include VP(Vice President), directors of International Affairs Office(International Students Office), Teaching Affairs Office, Graduate School, Hujiang College. 

The awarding group will carry out the duty of discussion and voting, to elect the candidates of Shanghai Government Scholarship, full-ride and partial type, and then the group will authorize the International Affairs Office (International Students Office) to recruit or to offer the scholarship for the applicants.

Step 6: Students will receive 2 email notices named :

①USST Admission Notice and Notification(XXX);

②Notification on Your Confirmation Form for Study in China Download ;

Step 7: Int'l Applicants(degree program) shall apply for X1 visa(more than 180 days) on their own, and plan the flight to Shanghai and finish your Registration on time as scheduled.


After submitting your application successfully, you will receive a confirmation email from the Application Portal.


Upon receipt of your application documents, we will give you either an unconditional offer, conditional offer or rejection letter based on your academic qualification. Make sure to check your email inbox on a regular basis.

If you are given a conditional offer, you should provide other required documents or qualifications FIRST as mentioned in the offer in order to guarantee your place at USST. Then, please pay a non-refundable deposit of RMB 800.

If you are given an unconditional offer, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of RMB 800(Via Wechat Payment or Bank Transfer as instructed) to secure your place at USST. 

Upon receipt of the deposit(non-refundable, REGISTRATION FEE), we will start the official procedure of the Admission Letter and a Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) form for you to apply for your student visa(Type X). It usually takes 10-27 working days for us to process your application and prepare an offer.