“Suishenma” QR Code Available to Expats in Shanghai


Given the increasing need of application for “随申码”(“Suishenma”QR Code) proposed by expats these days, Shanghai Big Data Center responded actively to work out solutions. With concerted efforts of various parties, “随申办”(“Suishenban”) will support the registration of expats to access the QR Code functions from today.

People from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan of China and foreign countries can get their QR Codes through the “Suishenban”applet on Alipay or the “Suishenban”APP after completing real-name authentication on Alipay. People from Hong Kong and Macao of China can also get their QR Codes by directly registering as real name users on the “Suishenban”APP.

According to the regulations on the COVID-19 prevention and control, users can have the QR codes only after completing their personal health information registration by following the system prompts. Shanghai Big Data Center will continue to enhance the service experience and expand service channels to facilitate expats’ life, work and travel in Shanghai.