Notice regarding CSC Excellent Int'l Students Scholarship 2020-2021 Application


Dear Students(Degree Students):

In order to motivate and encourage Int'l Students with outstanding academic performance, perfect moral excellence, and loving with China, “CSC Excellent Int'l Students Scholarship” was set up by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in the academic year of 2020-2021. Please read the notice carefully as followed:

Target Students Group:

1)CSC/SGS-A/SGS-B/Self-supporting Program Students; 

2)Registered Degree Students in grade two or above (including scholarship and self-supporting program students)


1)Loving with China. Friendly attitude towards China and excellent daily performance in China. Actively participate in social practice or charity/volunteering activities on-campus or off-campus;  

2)NO DEMERIT/CRIME RECORD. Law-abiding, physically and mentally healthy, all-around development. 

3)Excellent Academic Performace with outstanding study and research capabilities. 

4)Families with the poverty-stricken situations are given top priority under the same prerequisites.

2、Application Procedure in General:

1)Personal application;

2)Recommended and nominated by ISO;

3)Reviewed and Censored by CSC;

4)Final Result released by CSC;

3、Material Needed(Documentation) and Procedures for Candidate of 2020-2021 Excellent Student Scholarship Application

*Application Online First:;

*Same Application Portal of Independent Enrollment of Chinese Government Scholarship;

*The [Agency No.] shall be filled in with [10252],Category shall be filled with  [Type C];

*The [Study period] shall be filled in with [2020.9.1 - 2021.7.15];


1)CSC Application Form (Registration online and generating the Form);

2)Student Status Proof issued by ISO;

3)Official Transcript of the Academic year of 2019-2020 (Issued by Teaching Affairs Office with Official Stamp);

4)Recommendation Letter issued by ISO; 

5)My Story of Study in CHINA, no less than 800 words;

6)Paper/Thesis Retrieving Proof, Paper/Thesis Acceptance Notification; Or Supplementary Material of Treatise;

7)Competition Certificate of Awards or Patent Certificate of State Level or Municipal Level;

8)Proof of Student Cadre in associations;

9)Other Supplementary Proof or any Media Report of the candidates;

10)The Appendix: Data Form;

4、Application Deadline: 

2nd November 2020 (5 PM, BEIJING TIME)



1.Please well prepared the documentation as instructed and then submit the Physical Version (Carbon Copy)to MR. ZHANG accordingly before the deadline. The Recommendation Letter and Student Staus Proof will be provided by ISO after the censorship.Please contact us for help if you are outside of China Mainland.

2.International Students Office shall nominate 3 qualified candidates at most:

3.USST Agency Code number: 10252;


评选信息统计表 Data Form.xls


Contact person:MR.ZHANG (ISO)

Landline:021-55270087(Int'l Students Admissions);