Notice on the return of international students to USST in spring semester


To make study-in-China come true, to resume normal offline teaching as soon as possible, and to ensure learning effect, international students who have been unable to enter China due to COVID-19 since 2020 are requested to return to USST campus before March 5, 2023 (within 3 weeks after the spring semester begins). Ample reason should be provided if returning  is not applicable.Graduate students should provide proof of approval from supervisor for not returning to USST.

USST is no longer required to provide Return Letter to students. For students already given JW202/JW201 form plus the Admission letter before, please book your visa service with Chinese Embassies and apply for X1 entry visa with your old JW202/JW201 form plus the Admission letter and other materials if required.

Before applying for an entry visa to the Chinese embassy or consulate, please send the name of the country and city  (or Embassy Visa Center) where the visa will be applied, as well as the scanned copy of the old JW201/JW202 form, valid passport information page and admission letter (if any) to the email address before January 17,2023. For students of Grade 2021 and before, please send this email to, and for students of Grade 2022, please send this email to Please write the following email subject: student name + Return to  USST Application Information+student number. 

 If the old JW201/JW202 form and/or Admission Notice is lost or has not been received, please state in the email JW201/JW202 Form and/or Admission Notice has been lost and needs to be reprocessed or,JW201/JW202 Form and/or Admission Notice has not been received and needs to be processed. In addition, please provide your personal photo in the email in the standard passport format: JPG format, size 100-500KB, color, head free, white background without borders, 2/3 of the size of the photo, photo size not less than 320 x 240 pixels, aspect ratio 4:3.  After the new JW202 form is completed, an entry visa can be applied to the Chinese embassy or consulate in the host country.

If you are informed by the embassy or consulate that you must provide the original JW202/JW201 form, admission notice, etc., please provide the complete mailing information in time, including list of materials, the country, city, district, specific address, postal code, recipient's name, recipient's mobile phone number and email address.

Note: The application procedure of JW202/JW201 form will basically take 27 working days during the Winter Vacation. 


Upon arrival in China, please refer to to Visa and Residence Permit Application and apply for Residence Permit.