Instruction on Formalities Related to International Students Off-campus Internship 

(Internship Annotation)

A. International students off-campus internship refers to off-campus internship conducted by international students in accordance with teaching plan where no remuneration (except traffic & meal allowance) is involved.

B. International students who engage in off-campus internship shall meet the following conditions: 1. Study in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology; 2. Hold study-type residence permit issued by Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau including complementary annotation of internship; 3. Internship shall not be carried out at two or above enterprises; 4. Internship program shall be relevant to the student’s specialty.

C. International students who are ready for off-campus internship shall first submitInternship Application Form For International Studentsandteaching plan of his/her specialty to International Students Office (hereinafter referred to as ISO) for review and approval. After that, the “Guide to enterprises providing internship to international student” should be delivered to enterprises concerned (see Appendix 1) (hereinafter referred to as “the Guide”) informing them of related laws and regulations before affixing seal on the Guide.

If the enterprise is located outside of Shanghai, fax of the Guide with proper seal will be accepted.

D. After receiving the Guide from the enterprise, ISO shall fill out relevant form to Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau via email.

E. Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau reviews the form within 7 working days and gives feedback to ISO (no feedback if approved). ISO will then prepare copy of “Proof of Off-campus Internship of International Student” (hereinafter referred to as the Proof) for student(s) (see Appendix 3), and add internship annotation application in “Visa Application Letter for International Students” (see Appendix 4)

F. International students shall submit original passport, temporary accommodation registration form, the Proof (copy) and “Visa Application Letter for International Students” (with internship annotation application). Other documents will be required if the student also applies for residence permit.

When residence permit and internship annotation are applied at the same time, application fee is in line with that of residence permit. No extra fee will be charged. International student who already has got residence permit will be charged RMB200 for internship annotation application.

G. Off-campus internship shall be suspended if the international student studies in another university or shift to another enterprise . The internship can be resumed only after relevant documents and/or internship annotation are properly prepared.

1) Formality for changing residence permit shall be carried out if the student studies in another university. If the student wants to continue internship, internship annotation application shall be prepared according to article F.

2) If the location of the enterprise changes within the city during internship period, ISO shall help the student to prepare the Guide and apply again for internship annotation in accordance with Article D. If the enterprise moves to another city, internship annotation formalities in accordance with Article C to F.

H. If any of the following, replacement, renewal or extension of passport and/or residence permit, occurs during off-campus internship period, the internship will not be affected. However, ISO shall complete filing formalities in accordance with Article G / item 1 and assist student in residence permit and internship annotation application.

If internship annotation is applied at the same time with residence permit, the off-campus internship shall be deemed to have come to an end.

I. Failure to complete internship annotation or relevant filing formalities, or conducting internship beyond the scope that is put in the Form (including time period and employer information) shall be regarded as illegal employment. The student and the enterprise involved will be subject to punishment by exit-entry administration department of Shanghai in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

International student shall obtain annotation on the residence permit before starting off-campus internship. Students shall pay special attention to the starting and ending date as put in the annotation to avoid illegal employment.

Degree students - please go to DOWNLOADS to get more information on interternship annotation application

Non-degree students - please consult your project coordinator for guidance